Asia Pacific’s Best 2020-2021_Winner Book

Darkhorse Architecture takes a holistic approach to its work, encompassing every aspect of strategic master planning and architectural design through to intricately detailed interior design. By considering every discipline in its relation to others, the result is a completed cohesive whole.

nanoHome Gallery is a sales gallery for nanoco – a Vietnam-based lighting and electrical product company with a 30-year legacy. With the building already using a glass block “lightbox” structure, Darkhorse was commissioned to create interiors that maintained the exterior night-time illumination while creating interiors to become sensitive and controlled display experiences over the five levels of exhibition space. The design takes visitors through a journey ascending via lifts to Level 5 then walking a descending journey down to the ground floor. Within each level, there is another story. Every area provides its own ambiance tailored to the products on display.

For the Sonasea Van Don Harbor City Hotel, for the CEO Group, Darkhorse was responsibility for every aspect of this major keystone beach-front resort comprising 1000 hotel rooms, 88 villas, a 1400 seat convention and banquet hall, and full range of dining and leisure facilities to accommodate up to 3000 guests. The resulting resort with its three main hotels and luxurious villas reveals Darkhorse’s ability to create individual brand identities, ambiances and experiences across architecture and interior design, maintaining a connected ensemble.

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