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Sales Gallery

Him Lam Hanoi Sales Gallery

The Chairman’s brief for this Sales and Marketing Gallery in east Hanoi was very clear.

Dark Horse Architecture

The Chairman’s brief for this Sales and Marketing Gallery in east Hanoi was very clear.

Architecture | Interior

C o m m e r c i a l

The requirements were that guests should almost drive into the building to provide great access (physical and visual); that the gallery should be highly visible and engaging both throughout the day and into the night; and that they facility should provide a 50 year life span in terms of being the sales and marketing hub for all Him Lam projects in Hanoi going forward.

Our approach was to create a very open and dynamic sales gallery with visibly open spaces when viewed from the street and with two levels of mockup areas that could easily be updated and changes without impacting on the guest gallery and event spaces.

The internal flow of circulation follows a physical arc of movement defined by skylights, ceiling forms and soffits and the placement of circulation elements to draw guest through the entire facility with the event hall and mockup areas being the logical spatial conclusion to the experience. Internal movements were arranged to allow for multiple interconnections so that guest and sale teams could easily move to any area of the gallery whilst still engaging in an overall experience of engagement and connection.

A warm, neutral, natural palette is proposed to provide an ageless ambience for both day and night use. This palette was determined to also best suit the demographics characteristics of buyers. The overall design is both highly functional whilst providing a variety of specific adjustments to differentiate areas of use such as reception, kids club, event all, main gallery, administration areas and VIP lounges.