An international design

consultancy providing a complete

end-to-end advisory service.

An international design consultancy providing a complete end-to-end advisory service.

Dark Horse Architecture

S t r a t e g i c   P l a n n i n g

A client may have a site, and a brief for their vision – a great start. A simple question we always ask is have you considered your wider context? When asking this question, we are looking to hear and understand the client’s perception of the direct constraints, influences and opportunities that surround this physical site and its broader cultural, social, commercial, and environmental relationships. We seek to fully place the sites in a broader and defined understanding so that the external influences can be reviewed and incorporated into the ongoing project design process. Our simple queries and investigations highlight major influencers on a project composition and consideration. In doing so we seek to validate all prior thinking from the client and explore the unseen or unperceived external; influences that can have significant impacts as the project progresses.

We ask questions of your site and brief based upon how your project sits within a global context. Having lived and worked in so many places (Sydney, Shenzhen, Belgrade, Perth, Beijing, Hobart, Rome, Hong Kong, Doha, Adelaide, Athens, Brisbane, Kansas, Taipei, Melbourne, Singapore, Florence) we rely on these experiences to inform and illuminate the conversation. We also apply our expertise from high level professional practice in Vietnam to bring relevant expertise to confirm assumptions and parameters based on real project experiences. There are so many examples where asking these questions has ultimately positively affected the brief, uses, layouts, mixes, composition, orientation, and project feasibility.

M a s t e r   P l a n n i n g

Where our knowledge and experience of urban design, typologies, natural and urban systems, place making is applied to development briefs to create new and engaging ideas to shape the ultimate character and identity of new precincts. We aspired to create designs where sustainable strategies integrate the human uses, activities and built forms with the natural amenities and characteristics of the existing place. We seek to right previous wrongs, propose new ideas, searching for opportunities to create space positive experiences. We shape the spaces between the buildings and functions to create delightful place. At the same time, we apply our expertise in how things should work in unison to avoid disjunctions, clashes, or breaks in the urban story that would diminish the created experience.

Our master planning experiences spread across many continents, countries and cities, always engaging with the local conditions, cultures, and societies in order to develop new places that are referenced to the location and identity of place. Our expertise means that our masterplans are fully considered and accurate and so many site and infrastructure issues must also be developed, so that there is a coordination of the intended ambience and the actual workings of the plan.

A r c h i t e c t u r e

Always engaging with its context and contributing to the external ambience and experience, our Architecture is always in response to its time and place, seeking to be ageless, fresh, and relevant for our millennium. Our exterior considerations are how to temper and control our environment so that the pleasure and joys of free-flowing space between the place and its setting compliment the lifestyle and activity of the users. The urban and landscape interaction considerations always drive our thinking in order to benefit the society, culture and client identity that the project signifies.

Our interior architecture is driven by the dual beauty of function, rational planning mated to a spatial experience of space and uses. We are always aware of the orientation the outlook and sense of spatial order that establishes a pattern of use, and ultimately a lifestyle experience. The efficiencies of the plan are balanced to the generosity of the spaces created so that what should be special and significant can be and is achieved in an effortless manner. We are strongly focused of the systems of facades, circulation, structures, and building technologies that are all available to enhance modern lifestyles and activities. The architecture is the glue connecting the urban form to the individual place and ambience if the interiors.

I n t e r i o r   D e s i g n

Our Interiors are the setting for life to be played out, like a theatre stage – but far more permanent as memories attach themselves to these internal experiences. We design to engage with the human senses of sight, sound, touch to create a positive ambience that has a lasting relevance and quality that elevates daily life through the joy that the interiors nurture. Our interiors refine the spatial experiences and give nuances to the fine details that add to the quality of life and the ease of use.

Our interiors are based upon acknowledging the place, culture and activity but are not bounded by style or theme. Rather we seek to bring new experiences to always enhance living, bringing new appreciation of the positive contribution that interior design can bring to everyday activities of working, playing, and resting. The ultimate test of the interior it that they benefit from the design of the place and the setting and bring new appreciation of what a quality lifestyle that they directly influence. Our focus is on functional layout and palette beauty with ease of use of the materials and textures that compliment a lifestyle with the desired ambience aspiration.