VOGUE Facilities

The Vogue Resort is conceived as a series of landscapes linking all accommodation and dwelling to the Seaview through a stepping terraced landscape. Resort Facilities are located within these landscapes and utilize the topography and landscape to seamlessly fit with their exteriors and have no impact on the amenity of the adjoining villa zones. The landscapes are themed as either Wellness & Health Zone, Active Recreation & Dining Zone, and Family Zone.

Simple Green Roof pavilions accommodate the Spa & Wellness Centre, Signature Restaurant, Beach Club, Kids Covered Play and Group Areas, Sports & Recreation Club, Kids Club and the Gym & Yoga facility. The ultimate aim is to create a series of unique resort environments that appeals to the broad range of guest types and resort experiences desires. This long staya resort becomes more self sufficient with its onsite facility offer and becomes declinational to guest from other nearby resorts as well.