Congratulation to our Client _ VIHAJICO for officially launching Ecopark Grand – The Island villas.

The project launching event held on 23rd September 2018, has been offering customers an opportunity to view and experience these luxury Villas.

Mr. Andrew Frost _ Founder / General Manager of Darkhorse Architecture made his speech to share about his vision for Ecopark Grand. Also, he highlighted the design intention as taking the original idea of living in an environmentally sustainable parkland to a new level of experience, refinement, and beauty. The Islands become small natural enclaves for the enjoyment of those families fortunate enough to join into this exquisite place. It is one of life’s Luxuries.


We all live in the most amazing yet demanding times. The modern world keeps getting faster, more distracting. The balance between work / home / and rest is constantly eroded through the need to be connected, contactable, responsive and engaged. It hard to turn off, its energy sapping and you are not nourished.

Nature is exactly the opposite. Our natural world is so full of wonder and delight. It gives and replenishes. It can be sublet, dramatic, beautiful and fully of life and color. Appreciating and engaging with our Natural World restores our own natural balance, our energy. It helps us live a more harmonious life.

Seeking out and finding nature and enjoying what she offers is probably one of the biggest challenges in our modern world, yet very well worth the effort – when you find it and you share it with your loved ones, you will be richly rewarded and wonder why it took you so long to do it. In our modern world, living with Nature is A LUXURY! Why do people around the world take their holidays to beautiful natural places? It’s because it’s one of the few means to restore a natural balance and be replenished.

Eco Park is one of these rare and special places that has Nature in all of her parts and beauty to be fully appreciated. It is a very special and unique place, quite separate and remove from the chaotic world that lies beyond.


Across all villa types, Darkhorse has created beautiful family homes focused on the beauty of nature as a backdrop to family life. Our goal has been to create luxurious homes that connect the family to each other in a restful and nurturing manner.


These villas have been awarded the top Villa Design award at this year Property Guru Design Awards. They have been recognized as being unique and exclusive in what they have achieved. This we believe is the beauty and Luxury of Life in an Eco Park Grand family home.

Vittoria Maran