Hanoi Boutique Hotel

This Project is not a normal project in any manner of the word. The hotel is the first business that a family created in the early 1990’s that has since evolved into a highly successful property business empire that has spawned many of the leading property projects in Vietnam. It’s a hotel that served as the family base for 3 generations for many years, living and working together to create a dream. So, it has a very important place in this family’s history. But more so it served the initial hospitality boom that took place in the early 1990s as Vietnam opened and become a must visit place on many travelers’ lists. The French Colonial / Indochine character was a little confused in the original design yet the quality of service was guaranteed. So, it became a place of memory and impression and know throughout the world. It has a very loyal client guest list that always return despite not being the highest standard of hotel anymore in Hanoi. So, the challenge was about maintaining the memory but also making the new experience enhanced and appealing to a new and expanding customer base.