Take a journey with us. We tell design stories.


At DARKHORSE we thrive on creative energy, creating designs with attention to detail & high end finishes. Each projects is a highly crafted, bespoke and personalised solution. No detail is left unturned , from Concept to Construction we are committed to achieving excellence. Our studio enjoys tailoring the clients unique needs with unparalleled service.

By working closely with our consultants from the outset, we learn from one another and combine our knowledge to devise fully integrated design solutions. Design is undertaken by a small, close-knit team; the team that starts a project sees it through to completion, thus providing continuity throughout. 

Every project starts with fresh thinking leading to a solution that is tailor-made for the specific site and those who will use it. We lead by design, combining global research with local action. The outcome is an architecture that is sensitive to the climate and culture of a place.

The potential for design to be a catalyst for positive life experiences has never mattered more. DARKHORSE considers the built environment as a totality, and to apply a truly holistic approach to responsible design.




We believe that you have to create a solid foundation. Understanding the clients dreams & needs & then manifesting them in a magical & innovative way. We do that by creating a rigorous & optimum masterplan.  Alongside this, we create a project unique vision. Understanding budget,  restraints & target market is crucial as well as in depth analysis of the parameters.

Rather than designing an exterior form first and shoehorning functions in later, the Inside-out process begins with designing cost-effective functional solutions to our unique clients business needs.

Cross-disciplinarily we unite curious minds, we co-create fresh opportunities for brands to develop better ways to engage customers with smart design-driven ideas that delight & surprise. 


The images below depict the variety of communication tools we use at different stages to tell our story. 



DARKHORSE enjoys developing our designs to ensure all stakeholders, consultants & the builder understand the detail & information.  We are passionate about the craft of design, the details do matter and it has to be done right. Our team enjoys developing details. 

DARKHORSE is passionate about creating spellbinding presentations, beautiful sampleboards and effective 3ds. From hand sketches to fly throughs and renderings, stunning elevations & descriptive schedules, we will ensure all elements are captured for procurement, approvals & pricing. 


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We are focussed on the built outcomes commercial sensibility, and utilising our international understanding, differentiating Darkhorse Architecture from the rest.

Andrew knows what it takes to deliver high quality project outcomes through all of the phases of creating and delivering projects. This is what Andrew aspries to bring to the exciting and dynamic economies of South East Asia.